Daylight/Midnight Series by Matt Hall

65% of all coffee drinkers drink their coffee with cream and sugar leaving 35% drinking it black. With that being said specialty coffee gears its product for black coffee drinkers. You can of course add milk, cream and sugar with any coffee but the attraction for specialty coffee is to taste the flavorful cup of what each origin brings out. So for me looking at this stat makes me feel like there is a HUGE part of the coffee drinking market being missed. 

So this is where I have two new types of coffees coming "online only" for now or for specialty coffee shops. The Daylight and Midnight series will be coming soon to the website and possibly to shops in my area.

The Daylight series is specially designed and roasted for milk/cream based coffee with or without sugar. The way this coffee is roasted brings out all the flavors from specialty coffee and pushes through even with milk or cream added. It is definitely roasted to a richer more full bodied cup. It does not have to be a dark roast but it is a different way to roast for these flavors to still come through.

The Midnight series is specially designed and roasted for black coffee drinkers. The flavors that come through each cup is outstanding. Each origin that is roasted to these characteristics have overwhelming notes that is highlighted to each coffee. There is no need for anything added to these coffees. Roasting this way does not have to be lightly done. I have found that certain ways during the roast even at a medium profile will have bursts of tremendous flavor.

Now of course if you did try a cup from either series and wanted to add milk/ cream and sugar to the midnight series or try the daylight series black it would be a delicious cup either way, however, they really excel the way they are meant to be. So please look for these two new series coming soon to the website!

Revamp.... by Matt Hall

Starting a new business is pretty exciting and very fulfilling. So many expectations one puts on themselves and you feel like the sky is the limit. The ideas of what you want your business to be like just pours out of you and you really feel alive with possibilities. Those early stages of learning and prepping everything that you want this business to look like can be exhausting to think about all you have to do. At this time I felt for myself anyways was the best part of the whole process. But something happens after sometime. As your business starts to grow and you start seeing things come together. Financially you start seeing some breakthroughs, and your climbing up to success. There comes a point where that climb up seems to stale and you don't see that grow you did when you started too. When this happens you need to shake things up and change what you thought was working. This is where I am at this time.

So here it is the new way, the new ways of doing things. We are repackaging, relabeling, reroasting everything we thought we knew would work. This has brought a new life, a new breath of fresh air into this business and its pretty exciting to see where its headed. The website will start to see a bit of a cleanup too. Its a whole new brand of Uprising and its 100 times better then ever!

Iced Coffee by Matt Hall

Well I wish I had written this when the spring was turning into summer but nonetheless, better late than never. I am introducing two new coffees to the mix of ever growing single origins and blends. Both of the coffees are blends that I have created for pretty specific purposes. First, and for most I am introducing a " House Blend" pretty much designed and geared towards cafes, restaurants, and diners. Although, I will have this blend online to buy for anyone, it is intended for places to serve as a  "any time of the day" type coffee. What is an "any time of the day" type of coffee? Well, its a coffee pretty much that would be good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, really "any time of the day!". With a blend of Brazil/Colombia/Peru it has something for everyone. Tasting notes consisting of almond, milk chocolate, and citrus it really it a great cup of joe. 

On to the next blend that will be available everywhere. This is the blend that I wish I had developed early in the spring but it could be consumed anytime you need a pick me up or a nice thirst quench! Uprising Iced Coffee Blend! It is such a refreshing smooth thirst quenching drink that it is hard to not get a second glass. Consisting of Rwanda/Peru/Brazil this blend on ice is really something that after a long time out in the sun while get your pep back  in your step. After a long hard day in a heat index of 110 degrees in sunny Delaware I prepared this drink for my father. Knowing full well that he can't stand cold coffee, let alone a coffee specifically made for Ice that I handed him the cup and just said "drink this". As he took a sip of the coffee he stopped and looked at me and said " I don't like this!", then proceeded to chug the rest of the coffee and said " man, that was so refreshing, I kind of like it now". Right then I knew I had my iced coffee. If he would drink it, then I know it was good! the next day he told me he drank another glass and he said he felt amazing afterwards. 

Recipe for Iced coffee:

1.) Brew 60 grams ground Uprising Iced Coffee with 64 ounces of cold water.                                   2.) Pour hot coffee in a glass pitcher. ( I strongly recommend a glass pitcher and not plastic. My trial run of this I used a plastic pitcher and my wife swears she could taste the plastic. So better get yourself a glass pitcher for this!)                                                                                                      3.) Put ice in pitcher and store in refrigerator. Let sit in fridge until ice cold.                                    4.) When ready put ice in the cup and pour in coffee. (I like mine black but if desired throw some milk and sugar in)

The iced coffee is perfect for a nice hot summer day!

Slow and steady... by Matt Hall

This week marks the six months since I acquired the new infrared heat electric roaster. In that time I have certainly had many learning curves, and more downs than ups! It was a real challenge for me to get used to the difference from home roasting to such a larger scale (even though its a 1kg roaster). In this six month time frame I decided to really experiment with different beans at all types of different temps, different airflow adjustments, and even different drum speeds. The past couple of months my roasting has been making leaps and bounds from where it began but still I had always felt like there was something missing from the cup. I felt like the cup was almost there and yet it always felt like I was missing a piece of the puzzle that I just couldn't figure out. I was reading articles and articles about different ways to roast and all of these suggestions just couldn't help with my situation. I came to the realization that the way I have been roasting with a fast and sweet approach was getting me ok results so it dawned on me one day about maybe a slower steadier approach may work. Well this weekend I tried this approach and it paid off! everything I have been looking for in my cup has now been found and I am really excited with where my roasts are going. Its amazing with all the knowledge you need to be able to make an incredible cup!

New summer offerings..... by Matt Hall

It's been awhile since The last post. I have been busy getting this business going and I have some exciting news that will be probably better suited for the next post. As for this post I have all new offerings and they are incredible! I countlessly researched many origins and what type of taste I wanted to offer and I found 3 new origins and beans that fit what I was looking  for and  I am super excited for these to be part of Uprising.

The three new coffees are from Colombia, Ethiopia, and Rwanda. Each in its own way are amazing! I roasted each origin to the taste that I thought would bring out the best of each bean. These three new coffees will also be blends for espresso and the signature Nitecap blend. The Colombian and Ethiopian are perfect for a single origin espresso as well. I will be putting them on the shop page with full descriptions this week so please look for them!

This week in Roasting... by Matt Hall

Well sometimes you need to change things up a bit or experiment with new things. Keep things fresh I believe is a good thing and when roasting it could go two ways and from my eyes either very badly or extremely excellent. This weekend while roasting Uprising Coffee decided to change things up a bit and roast a little differently by tweaking some techniques we have been accustomed too and it paid off in a big way. With our roaster we have three major ways to control the roast heat, air, and drum speed. We kept the heat and drum speed the same as we always have but we did some testing with airflow and specifically the amount of airflow we were pushing into the bean. On our roaster we have found that our airflow is very high even at 50% that the fan would pull in cold air in the roaster it always seemed to be very high. We drastically reduced the airflow this weekend and I have to say the results are in and its fantastic! this was a huge change in our approach to the roasts. I did some testing today and all the coffees were off the charts. The Colombian Narino Fiesta honey washed might be the best tasting coffee i have ever had and Uprising coffee roasted it. It definitely stopped me in my tracks when i took the first sip, I just stood there and couldn't believe that it was something we had roasted. Nothing that I have had before had ever tasted like this, its something that I need to get out there for everyone to try!

Peru And Guatemala coming soon.... by Matt Hall

Getting excited about the new editions coming soon to the coffee list. New lots from Peru and Guatemala will make their debuts after some profile testing. The Peru Chasqui coffee is a consistent cup of coffee that seems to never disappoint it has a distinct nutty aftertaste that seems to be known throughout this area of Peru. Typically in this region of Jaen/ San Ignacio coffee is grown at a medium to high elevation around 3500-5000 ft. This coffee is a washed process and sun dried and I typically like to take this at a medium roast it seems to be the right level to bring out that nice sweet, citrusy and nutty aftertaste that this coffee is known for.

Next up is the wonderful coffee from Guatemala Santa Ana. This coffee I am really excited about, after some profile testing this cup has so much potential for any level of roast and I am excited to see what a darker roast will bring. This coffee comes from a region of  Pueblo Nuevo Vinas which produces beautiful coffee beans over and over again I believe that this maybe in part to being right in the middle of a wet tropical forest. Usually when you have a mix of sun and tons of shade those two factors make for spectacular coffees. With elevations of 5,400 feet this high grown washed processed coffee seems to love high heat while roasting. During the roast the smells coming from the roaster can be overwhelming with strong chocolate and nutty aromas. Look for these super delicious coffees coming soon!

Small micro batches... by Matt Hall

First post of the new site! Pretty excited about how this business is going! Uprising Coffee Roasting Co. is strictly focusing on small micro lots or batches of greens. Instead of buying large bulk bags of a certain origin my focus has shifted to constantly updating different origins with buying smaller bags, or less pounds, of green coffee. I think this will allow my customers to try many different coffees throughout the world. This is what I have been wanting the direction of the company to lean towards. Maybe one day I will strictly roast a couple of  main origins, but for now I want to bring in as many different varieties as I can.  This way I can have many revolving options for you!