Revamp.... / by Matt Hall

Starting a new business is pretty exciting and very fulfilling. So many expectations one puts on themselves and you feel like the sky is the limit. The ideas of what you want your business to be like just pours out of you and you really feel alive with possibilities. Those early stages of learning and prepping everything that you want this business to look like can be exhausting to think about all you have to do. At this time I felt for myself anyways was the best part of the whole process. But something happens after sometime. As your business starts to grow and you start seeing things come together. Financially you start seeing some breakthroughs, and your climbing up to success. There comes a point where that climb up seems to stale and you don't see that grow you did when you started too. When this happens you need to shake things up and change what you thought was working. This is where I am at this time.

So here it is the new way, the new ways of doing things. We are repackaging, relabeling, reroasting everything we thought we knew would work. This has brought a new life, a new breath of fresh air into this business and its pretty exciting to see where its headed. The website will start to see a bit of a cleanup too. Its a whole new brand of Uprising and its 100 times better then ever!