Daylight/Midnight Series / by Matt Hall

65% of all coffee drinkers drink their coffee with cream and sugar leaving 35% drinking it black. With that being said specialty coffee gears its product for black coffee drinkers. You can of course add milk, cream and sugar with any coffee but the attraction for specialty coffee is to taste the flavorful cup of what each origin brings out. So for me looking at this stat makes me feel like there is a HUGE part of the coffee drinking market being missed. 

So this is where I have two new types of coffees coming "online only" for now or for specialty coffee shops. The Daylight and Midnight series will be coming soon to the website and possibly to shops in my area.

The Daylight series is specially designed and roasted for milk/cream based coffee with or without sugar. The way this coffee is roasted brings out all the flavors from specialty coffee and pushes through even with milk or cream added. It is definitely roasted to a richer more full bodied cup. It does not have to be a dark roast but it is a different way to roast for these flavors to still come through.

The Midnight series is specially designed and roasted for black coffee drinkers. The flavors that come through each cup is outstanding. Each origin that is roasted to these characteristics have overwhelming notes that is highlighted to each coffee. There is no need for anything added to these coffees. Roasting this way does not have to be lightly done. I have found that certain ways during the roast even at a medium profile will have bursts of tremendous flavor.

Now of course if you did try a cup from either series and wanted to add milk/ cream and sugar to the midnight series or try the daylight series black it would be a delicious cup either way, however, they really excel the way they are meant to be. So please look for these two new series coming soon to the website!