Peru And Guatemala coming soon.... / by Matt Hall

Getting excited about the new editions coming soon to the coffee list. New lots from Peru and Guatemala will make their debuts after some profile testing. The Peru Chasqui coffee is a consistent cup of coffee that seems to never disappoint it has a distinct nutty aftertaste that seems to be known throughout this area of Peru. Typically in this region of Jaen/ San Ignacio coffee is grown at a medium to high elevation around 3500-5000 ft. This coffee is a washed process and sun dried and I typically like to take this at a medium roast it seems to be the right level to bring out that nice sweet, citrusy and nutty aftertaste that this coffee is known for.

Next up is the wonderful coffee from Guatemala Santa Ana. This coffee I am really excited about, after some profile testing this cup has so much potential for any level of roast and I am excited to see what a darker roast will bring. This coffee comes from a region of  Pueblo Nuevo Vinas which produces beautiful coffee beans over and over again I believe that this maybe in part to being right in the middle of a wet tropical forest. Usually when you have a mix of sun and tons of shade those two factors make for spectacular coffees. With elevations of 5,400 feet this high grown washed processed coffee seems to love high heat while roasting. During the roast the smells coming from the roaster can be overwhelming with strong chocolate and nutty aromas. Look for these super delicious coffees coming soon!