This week in Roasting... / by Matt Hall

Well sometimes you need to change things up a bit or experiment with new things. Keep things fresh I believe is a good thing and when roasting it could go two ways and from my eyes either very badly or extremely excellent. This weekend while roasting Uprising Coffee decided to change things up a bit and roast a little differently by tweaking some techniques we have been accustomed too and it paid off in a big way. With our roaster we have three major ways to control the roast heat, air, and drum speed. We kept the heat and drum speed the same as we always have but we did some testing with airflow and specifically the amount of airflow we were pushing into the bean. On our roaster we have found that our airflow is very high even at 50% that the fan would pull in cold air in the roaster it always seemed to be very high. We drastically reduced the airflow this weekend and I have to say the results are in and its fantastic! this was a huge change in our approach to the roasts. I did some testing today and all the coffees were off the charts. The Colombian Narino Fiesta honey washed might be the best tasting coffee i have ever had and Uprising coffee roasted it. It definitely stopped me in my tracks when i took the first sip, I just stood there and couldn't believe that it was something we had roasted. Nothing that I have had before had ever tasted like this, its something that I need to get out there for everyone to try!