New summer offerings..... / by Matt Hall

It's been awhile since The last post. I have been busy getting this business going and I have some exciting news that will be probably better suited for the next post. As for this post I have all new offerings and they are incredible! I countlessly researched many origins and what type of taste I wanted to offer and I found 3 new origins and beans that fit what I was looking  for and  I am super excited for these to be part of Uprising.

The three new coffees are from Colombia, Ethiopia, and Rwanda. Each in its own way are amazing! I roasted each origin to the taste that I thought would bring out the best of each bean. These three new coffees will also be blends for espresso and the signature Nitecap blend. The Colombian and Ethiopian are perfect for a single origin espresso as well. I will be putting them on the shop page with full descriptions this week so please look for them!