Iced Coffee / by Matt Hall

Well I wish I had written this when the spring was turning into summer but nonetheless, better late than never. I am introducing two new coffees to the mix of ever growing single origins and blends. Both of the coffees are blends that I have created for pretty specific purposes. First, and for most I am introducing a " House Blend" pretty much designed and geared towards cafes, restaurants, and diners. Although, I will have this blend online to buy for anyone, it is intended for places to serve as a  "any time of the day" type coffee. What is an "any time of the day" type of coffee? Well, its a coffee pretty much that would be good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, really "any time of the day!". With a blend of Brazil/Colombia/Peru it has something for everyone. Tasting notes consisting of almond, milk chocolate, and citrus it really it a great cup of joe. 

On to the next blend that will be available everywhere. This is the blend that I wish I had developed early in the spring but it could be consumed anytime you need a pick me up or a nice thirst quench! Uprising Iced Coffee Blend! It is such a refreshing smooth thirst quenching drink that it is hard to not get a second glass. Consisting of Rwanda/Peru/Brazil this blend on ice is really something that after a long time out in the sun while get your pep back  in your step. After a long hard day in a heat index of 110 degrees in sunny Delaware I prepared this drink for my father. Knowing full well that he can't stand cold coffee, let alone a coffee specifically made for Ice that I handed him the cup and just said "drink this". As he took a sip of the coffee he stopped and looked at me and said " I don't like this!", then proceeded to chug the rest of the coffee and said " man, that was so refreshing, I kind of like it now". Right then I knew I had my iced coffee. If he would drink it, then I know it was good! the next day he told me he drank another glass and he said he felt amazing afterwards. 

Recipe for Iced coffee:

1.) Brew 60 grams ground Uprising Iced Coffee with 64 ounces of cold water.                                   2.) Pour hot coffee in a glass pitcher. ( I strongly recommend a glass pitcher and not plastic. My trial run of this I used a plastic pitcher and my wife swears she could taste the plastic. So better get yourself a glass pitcher for this!)                                                                                                      3.) Put ice in pitcher and store in refrigerator. Let sit in fridge until ice cold.                                    4.) When ready put ice in the cup and pour in coffee. (I like mine black but if desired throw some milk and sugar in)

The iced coffee is perfect for a nice hot summer day!